• Napoleon's Battles V4 (suite)...

    Bon, apparemment, le système de crowfunding n'a pas fonctionné pour NB. Les "miseurs" seront remboursés (ou commencent à l'être, je pense).

    La règle sortira quand même en août ou septembre. 

    La suite (trouvé sur TMP):


    "SPECIAL NOTICE – As you will probably be aware, our crowd funding project to launch Napoleon's Battles 4th Edition rule book did not meet its target. We would like to thank everyone who made a pledge for their support and understand that there will be disappointment that the target was not reached. However, we now want to return this support by trying to ensure that you can still obtain the rule book. We shall be publishing the rules in a few months and you will then be able to obtain it from your usual retailer, or on our websites: capitangames.com or warmodelling.co.uk (with a free leaflet or .pdf file containing French, Italian and Spanish translations).


    During the project, we received a number of communications expressing concern over the cover price of the rules. We have therefore decided that we will reduce the price to £25.00 GBP ($40/€30). The Warmodelling range of figures contains suitable examples of all the relevant troops and we shall offer battle and army packs of figures at a special price for all customers who wish to start or augment their own armies. We shall also try to preserve The Collectors' Items (Generals Portfolio, Replica Medals and Collectors Edition Rule Book) but these would now be for direct purchase as limited, numbered issues. Once again, our thanks for your continued support."


    Mike Oliver warmodelling.co.uk"


    D'après ce que j'ai compris, il vont sortir la règle dans quelques mois, moins chère et avec quelques traductions sans doute sous format pdf.

    C'est sûr qu'ils ne peuvent pas se permettre de perdre leur investissement en temps (et autres) mais bon... Heureusement que je n'ai pas souscris!


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